Age segregation – a worrying trend?

Just read an interesting article in The Metro about whether we are becoming segregated into old and young communities in the UK, as older residents stay or flock to the suburbs whereas younger people are drawn to the cities.

The article states: ‘Like other forms of segregation, residential age segregation can have serious social consequences, fostering distrust, misunderstanding and stereotypical thinking. In the current climate of austerity, the potential for inter-generational conflict becomes greater still.

It can lead to increased competition between age groups for limited public and private resources to support the services and institutions that best meet their age-specific needs. It also means fewer opportunities for different age groups to share common goals.

Previous research has pointed to the need for communities where young, middle-aged and older people from all walks of life can get to know each other. Such communities are essential for building mutual respect and developing cooperative relationships.’

I really hope my research trip to the USA can uncover all the great things about #intergenerational #housing and bring back some really practical tips on how we can build closer relationships and communities between different generations.


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